Ageless Beauty in Advertising. Who Knew?

beautyinadvertisingThank you Monica Corcoran for sharing this bit of encouraging news for women over 35 who are eager to see lovely examples of their peers. As Ms. Corcoran reported in the L.A. Times, the Boomers buying power (and their willful attachment to their own youth), have prompted a sudden rush on models of a certain age. All those self-made super models from the 90s are back — Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell. Even women whose careers started in the 1970s are being recruited by New York agencies. “The aspiration in these ads has shifted to having a full, rich life. Open up any Vogue and you’ll see models over 35,” John Caplan, president of Ford Models told Corcoran. “In the Rolex ad, you have Carmen Dell’Orefice, and she’s in her 70s.” And she has a miracle worker of a surgeon, no doubt. Thanks to technology (plastic surgery and Photoshop) beauty really IS ageless. Yet, it’s tough for me to be wholly cynical about this whole “cougar” phenomenon. When a 70-something can still look this damn good, it’s uplifting for women everywhere. Ahem. Figuratively speaking, of course. (Photo bySpencer Weiner)