More Signs of Impending Doom – With an Upside!

impendingdoomCall me Chicken Little if you will, but paradigms are shifting here on this sweltering planet. Time to stockpile! Seriously. Survivalism is the new black! Even the Headquarters of Gluttony – Costco – has been reduced to rice rationing. America’s wheat supply is the lowest since 1946. There are food riots in Egypt, Haiti and Africa and rural North Koreans are eating grass and tree bark to survive.
 Here at home, though the waste is beyond vulgar. It’s so grim that it makes those Dumpster-diving “freegans” look positively capitalist.
I’m doing my (infinitesimal) part. I’ve started a vegetable garden. So while the economy collapses, gas prices stall civilization and natural disasters plague the globe — I’ll have enough tomatoes and pole beans for everyone. Problem solved!