Surgeon to Strippers: Recession proof your body!


Photo by Sarah Gerke

It’s tough all over, apparently, even in those Vegas fleshpots. Check out this post by the LA Times’ Richard Abowitz.  He writes: “Yesterday I got a call from a public relations firm that represents a plastic surgeon. He is going to strip club dressing rooms and giving Vegas dancers a combination sales pitch and motivational lecture on how to “recession proof” their bodies. Ah, Vegas.” When Abowitz asked a club owner whether the economy downturn was affecting business the club owner said: “Absolutely. We feel it. It impacts the middle. But the rich people still have plenty of money and so from VIP clients we can still make plenty.” Abowitz writes: “And, the best way to get VIPs. . . . Well, it turns out this club is one of the ones the plastic surgeon is planning to come give the dancers the “recession-proof”-your-body lecture.”