The Good Life Lives On

untitledDrenched by my apocalyptic fever, I overlooked the fact that luxury is still quite relevant to many people who are completely unmoved by the collapsing infrastructures of our world. Take travel, for example. Courtesy a handful of new clubs like Clear, you can pay your way to the front of security (after a $128, a retinal scan and a background check, of course). And while Delta, American, US Airways and Continental Airlines cut their less fuel-efficient routes and charge extra for checked bags and stale turkey sandwiches, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Emirates Airlines have snapped up the fancy new double-decker Airbus A-380s (world’s largest passenger airline) and flaunted their bounty at the National Business Travel Assn. expo this week in L.A. For just $10,000 per person, Singapore Airlines offers full-sized beds with down duvets and their now world-famous Givenchy pajamas to take the edge off that 20-hour flight from San Francisco to Seoul. Qantas showed off its remote-controlled “pods” that feature a massage chair, 18-inch flat screen and mood lighting. In the United States of Stagflation, we’re just happy to get an extra package of peanuts and a cup of lukewarm water. Even in first class.