Tiger Beat Blues

Robert Pattinson, the face that has launched a million Life & Style magazine covers, is pretty scruffy up close. At a crowded Friday press conference on his latest vampire angst-fest “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” he was a bit unshaven and wore the same flannel shirt I’ve seen in a dozen paparazzi shots. Yet that brunette meringue of a coif– itself a work of genius — remained flawlessly unkempt. And there’s something to be said for his British brand of  self-deprecation. Quite charming. Pattinson, it turns out, is a little irritated that his brooding teen vampire in the “Twilight” series is being perceived as a sort of “animated Tiger Beat.” “I’ve never played it thinking, ‘Oh, I’m in a series of guhls films’ or doing something just for guhls,'” he said to a group of sweaty grown-ups hanging on his every word. Hmm. I wonder what those legions of hyperventilating 12-year-olds have to say about that. (Btw, here’s my story on this in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)